Marcus Hiles Making Luxury Living Affordable In Texas

Renters in search of “The Best Place in the City” to live can turn to Marcus Hiles of Western Rim Property Services. They specialize in affordable luxury apartment complexes located throughout the state of Texas. Western Rim’s homes are known for a higher quality of living and signature natural and lifestyle amenities to enhance the tenant’s lifestyle. Serene settings and lavish designs entice renters to search beyond the norm for long-term rental housing.

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Marcus Hiles – Western Rim CEO to Plant 2,500 Trees Each Year

Marcus Hiles - Western Rim CEO to Plant 2,500 Trees Each Year
Marcus Hiles – Western Rim CEO to Plant 2,500 Trees Each Year

After successfully planting 30,000 trees over the past ten years, Marcus Hiles announced that his company is continuing its goal of planting 2,500 trees per year across Texas’ communities and parklands. “We have seen firsthand the impact our efforts have had, both aesthetically and environmentally,” the expert real estate investor said, “These initiatives are just the beginning.” By increasing the tree canopy in all of Western Rim Property Services’ developments and creating municipal parks, jogging trails and reserves, Hiles believes the ecosystem will benefit for decades to come.

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Marcus Hiles Provides Luxurious Living

The area in which Western Rim’s latest development has been built is next to the exciting town of Prosper. The area’s reputation for having excellent academic results at school level has proved to be a real enticement for families moving to the area. It also draws a large number of people to visit the excellent retail facilities and restaurants in the town. Its proximity to Dallas is a huge attraction to both sports fans and music lovers- Texas has never been short of great entertainment venues, and Dallas has long been at the heart of this. Access to nearby facilities is one of the integral factors that help Western Rim Properties choose their locations.

Despite radiating such a grandiose standard of living, and an almost unbelievable level of comfort and safety, all Western Rim properties ensure they stay within a price range that is affordable to their target residents. They aim to build and encourage a diverse community, from young urban professionals to thriving and established families. You can see much more of these wonderful properties on Marcus Hiles, Philanthropy (

Indeed, Western Rim Property Services is continuing in its pledge to provide elegant, luxurious and affordable developments in safe communities for the discerning and aspirational American. Under the leadership of its visionary CEO, Marcus Hiles, Western Rim has overseen the development of over 25,000 properties, each apartment demonstrating the company’s philosophy of keeping a close eye on ecological concerns and encouraging a strong community spirit. Indeed, these properties have also brought a great deal of economic prosperity to the areas in which they have been built. So what makes these properties so desirable to those moving to the area?

As Marcus Hiles, Magnolia Real Estate, underscores, the meticulous attention to detail he puts into each of his developments by co-opting celebrated interior designers with experienced architects has led to the development of some of the most elegant and  stylish housing on the market. He prides himself on using the finest materials and appliances available, while always keeping one eye on the environmental impact of using such commodities. From granite counter tops and Italian marble-tiled entrances, to the jacuzzi tubs and designer kitchen cabinets, these houses are laden with understated luxury.

Marcus Hiles Chooses Locations With Care

Western Rim CEO, Marcus Hiles, is extremely careful when choosing the locations of his developments, and The Grand Estates is no exception. Located just north of vibrant and fast-growing Houston, a city which has seen remarkable cultural and economic growth of its own over the past decade. Whilst the site maintains its rural atmosphere, and beautifully scenic views, the advantage of being close to an urban center proves a huge drawing factor. This part of Texas is renowned for its lush golf courses, great entertainment venues, and successful sports teams. There really is something for everyone here.

Western Rim Property Services has been making a name for itself in Texas for quite some time now. The company is well-known for developing properties to an extremely high standard of luxury and elegance. Moreover, its commitment to meeting exacting environmental regulations make Marcus Hiles a paragon of the ethical, eco-conscious modern company. Set this besides its stated intention to assist the communities in which it is developing its properties to reap the economic benefits of the influx of professional Americans eager to buy a Western Rim apartment or house, and you have a very solid foundation for success. The Grand Estates at Woodland is the latest project to reach fruition and it would prove interesting to take a closer look at what makes this development  so exciting.

The meticulous design of the properties are as elegant as one would expect from Western Rim. The entrance hall flooring is decked with Italian marble. The granite-faced kitchen worktops and stainless steel Whirlpool appliances make for a beautiful area in which to prepare food and drink. The 9-10ft ceilings, and 80 ounce carpets make for a spacious, yet intimate living environment. The community features are also outstanding, ranging from a high tech fitness centre to a community social room with an HD sports television. Most sites come with their own Starbucks cafe, and also the outdoor swimming area and children’s playground make the place incredibly attractive for families to reside.

These communities offer a diverse range of facilities to attract all groups of people – from families to young urban professionals. They never venture too far from the beaten track therefore ensuring beautiful scenic views while remaining close enough to urban centres for convenience.See more stunning properties available to the aspirational buyer in the Marcus Hiles magazine.